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RAKS™ Big Game Supplements, with their painstakingly formulated nutrients and minerals, gives landowners and hunters a great shot at big game trophy hunting and huge racks while making the entire herd healthier. With RAKS™ Big Game Supplements, you can do your trophy hunting and fill your freezer right in your own backyard!

While many companies claim to have some nutrients in their attractants, RAKS™ Big Game Supplements are the only effective attractant and true nutritional supplements for healthy herds and impressive racks. Where would we all be without healthy does and fawns? With RAKS™ Big Game Supplements, you get it all!

Whether your food plots are for whitetail deer, elk, exotics, or a variety of big game; starting a feed management program is crucial to produce big game trophy animals. It all starts with picking the right area to plant your food plots. Food plots are only as good as the time you put into them and the nutrients you supplement them with. RAKS™ Big Game Supplements should be your #1 choice. Not only are you producing overall herd health and trophy racks, your food plot also holds the deer on your property, increasing your chances of bagging that trophy of a lifetime!