Month: March 2017

Mineral Sites – Starting & Maintaining

Mineral Site - Starting

Start Planning Your New Mineral Sites As spring draws near it’s time to start planning where you will place your new mineral sites. With deer beginning to push out old bone and grow new bone along with gestating does, spring green-up is the key time to start supplementing your deer herd with a nutrient rich mineral.  If you do not maintain your sites year round it is still a must to continue into early fall.

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Minerals – Why Are They Important?

Minerals - Why Are They Important

Why Are Minerals So Important? There is always something new to use or try in the outdoor world! Of course this is to improve our chances at that buck of a lifetime.  The question is: Why should I supplement my deer herd with quality minerals?  Good question! Hardened antlers contain roughly the same amount of proteins and minerals.  Studies show that calcium and phosphorus are by far the two most common in deer antlers.  Hence, the two

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Conservationists – Who We Are (Part II)


Hunters Are the #1 Conservationists Another opinion towards hunters is that we destroy both the population of animals and their habitats.  That is far from the truth.  Hunters are the number one conservationists.  Contributing nearly $8 million daily to conservation.  There are also many behind the scenes actions that hunters do as well to create better habitats.  Prescribed burns, planting food plots, and hinging trees for better bedding areas are just a few things that

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Hunters – Who We Are (Part I)

Hunters - Who We Are

Hunters – Who We Are I typed – hunters are – into a search engine the other day and was more than disappointed to see what the top suggestions read.  Cowards.  Evil.  Killers nothing less.  So teaching and passing on to the next generation the truth about who we are as hunters is very important. Many people who are outsiders to hunting have many negative opinions.  Some of these opinions are that hunters are violent

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