Month: April 2017

Food Plots – Why Should I Plant Them?

Food Plots

Food plots play an important role in the drive towards healthy animals and bigger bucks. They can transform deer management on tracts big or small.  What’s the big difference between food plots and native vegetation? On average, native vegetation will produce about 200 to 300 pounds of deer food annually.  However, they can only use about 100 pounds per acre without destroying the area.  An adult deer will consume 6 pounds of feed per day. 

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Monster Buck – Gut Instincts

Monster Buck - Tree Stand

More than once over the years I haven’t followed my gut and regretted it deeply later on.  None more so than a decision to not hunt a particular stand in the fall of 2013.  Early on in bow season my husband had seen a monster buck while chopping silage. It was just across the river from our home place.  His tales of the size of this guy had me intrigued immediately and so the hunt

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Three Tips For Using Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras can be incredibly helpful, if you’re using them correctly. Go to your local outdoor store and there’s likely an aisle full of trail cameras. Advancements in technology have really pushed things forward in the last few decades. Modern cameras have infrared lenses, see motion out to 100 feet, and can send images directly to your email. With all of these advancements, there are some general tips we should follow to get the most

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