Month: May 2017

Seeding – Food Plot Equipment (Part III)

Seeding - No Till Drill

All the hard work is finally done!  Now it’s time to get some seed down and watch it grow!  Generally speaking, seeding food plots is pretty easy.  Based upon your budget, here are the best options for planting your food plots. Broadcast Spreaders Broadcast spreaders come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   The majority of food plotters use this type.  They are relatively cheap and easy to use.  Not to mention can be used on

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Soil Preparation – Food Plot Equipment (Part II)

Soil preparation is tough if you do not have access to the right equipment.   Breaking ground on new areas can be a daunting task, especially if there’s an existing sod layer.  Minimal equipment can tackle spraying and planting somewhat easily but tilling ground requires much more horsepower.  For your sake, I at least hope you have access to an ATV and disc.  If there ever was a time to contact a local farmer or

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Sprayers – Food Plot Equipment (Part I)

Sprayers are first on the list of tools.  Not only is weed control the most important task but it also the most difficult.  Jumping right into tilling up the ground is easy because it feels like you are getting something done.  Slow down and do not get carried away.  The time to get dirty and play in the dirt will come soon enough.  Of course it will be much more rewarding playing with the big boy

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Equipment For Food Plots

Equipment - Food Plots

Equipment you have available will determine how hard you will have to work.  Food plotting is no easy chore.  For most of us, gaining access to the right implements is the biggest hurdle.  You can borrow from friends, neighbors or local farmers until you can afford some of your own.  At a minimum, you will need to kill the weeds, expose the soil and disperse/plant the seed. Equipment Available For Every Budget Most food plotting equipment

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Soil Testing – Why Is It Important?

Soil Testing - Dirt

Soil testing is the most critical part of any food plot.  Before planting, it’s of the utmost importance to analyze your soil.  You want to make sure that the soil composition is perfect for growing the seed you’re about to sew. Most soils have a low pH.  Correspondingly they are acidic in nature and most seed will not do well. Ideally you want your soil’s pH to be in the 6 to 7 range with

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