Month: June 2017

Scent Control Procedures (Part I)

Scent Control - Scent Master

Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to be an expert, nor am I pushing brands of products.  Simply sharing my scent control procedure that has worked for me. Scent Control Offers a Better Chance When it comes to scent control, without a doubt the wind is gospel.  The nose on a whitetail deer is just too good.  It simply doesn’t matter what you do for scent control if you don’t play the wind.  That being said, I

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Cornett

While the saying, “You won’t miss if you never take the shot”, may be true.  There is even more truth to the fact that while you won’t miss, you will also never MAKE the shot if you don’t learn to take it.  And herein lies another very old saying of “practice makes perfect”. For years and years, I had this idea in my head that a bow shot over 40 yards was unfathomable.  I mean

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Create Deer Sanctuaries

Create Deer Sanctuaries - Sign

I want to talk to you about how important it is to create deer sanctuaries.  About eighteen years ago I got permission to hunt a farm.   This farm had not been hunted in about five years.  However, the neighbors hunted hard from what we were told.  It was mid December when I gained permission to hunt.  Being young, I decided to go out hunting without ever stepping foot on the property.  The landowner told me

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Food Plots – Early & Late Season

Food Plots - Clover

When it comes to food plots there are several ways to go.  From how you plant, where you plant and in particular what all to plant.  When I am planning food plots for the upcoming year I like to split them up into two time periods; early season and late season. Food Plots for Early Season First let’s start with my early season plots.  These food plots are the ones that get planted in early

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