Month: July 2017

Hunting Women

Hunting Women - Doe

When I was growing up, the only hunting women I knew were my mom, aunts and grandmothers.  Most of my friends thought that only the men should hunt.  It was their job to bring home the meat for all of the family to eat.  However, my family was quite the opposite.  As a matter of we did what was necessary to feed our family of nine. On an average day, chores were done and we got

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Post Hunt – Scent Control Procedures (Part III)

Post Hunt Scent Control

Moisture Causes Odor I’ve always felt that post hunt is just as important as the “at home pre-hunt”.  When you think about it, it’s the start of that step.  During your walk in, the hunt and the walk out, your body is producing moisture and your clothes become wet.  As we discussed before, that moisture is what causes odor.  While you’re undressing at the truck, it’s important to know that when you put those damp

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Scent Elimination Sprays – Scent Control Procedures (Part II)

Scent Elimination Spray

In the Field Pre-Hunt I never wear anything on the drive to the hunt that I’m going to where while hunting.  Once I’m parked, I will get dressed outside the vehicle with the clothes and gear I stored in the Scentmaster box.  In any case, you could do the same out of whichever sealed container you implement in your setup.  I spray myself down with my scent elimination spray from head to toe. Cover Everything

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