Month: October 2017

Pre-Rut Hunting

The pre-rut is the last couple of weeks before the primary rut. Indeed pre-rut hunting is one of the best times to tag a trophy. During this time, bucks become much more active within their home ranges. This is when

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October Lull Hunting

october lull - acorn

The October lull can be a frustrating time of year.  Right now, deer are vanishing before our eyes including on our trail cameras. This period of time from about mid-October leading up to the onset of the rut is characterized by

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A Case Against Trail Cameras

trail cameras

Why you might want to consider forgetting about trail cameras for a while. OK, OK. Hear me out. I realize this may sound like sacrilege. Especially from a guy who’s last article included tips for using trail cameras. Check out

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Bowhunting Strength and Conditioning Part 3

Whether you shoot a 40, 50, 60 or 70 pound bow you can accredit that ability to your back muscles. Your back is a mass of muscle that works in sync like a well-oiled machine bringing your bow to full

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