Archery Skills Up to Par?

Archery Skills Up to Par?

Keep Your Archery Skills Up to Par for Huge Advantages Next Season

Do you ever sit inside after deer season and wonder how you can keep your archery skills up to par? It is very important in my opinion to keep that edge sharp all the way up until next season whether it is with your equipment or even working on your fundamentals. These things can have huge advantages to your next season in the stand or blind.

Archery Tournaments Help With Accuracy and Fundamentals

archery skills
Shooting a 3D tournament in Kansas.

There are archery tournaments from December/January all the way through September. Whether they are 3D tournaments, 300, or 600 tournaments they will all help with your accuracy and fundamentals. I find 3D tournaments to be more helpful and also more enjoyable. At most 3D tournaments you have to guess your own yardage and watch out for brush/trees in the road. It makes it feel more life like in a way. Archery tournaments are also a very good way to get a young kid started out shooting bow. At every tournament you always see kids having fun with their family. Doesn’t get much better seeing a happy kid shooting a bow.

Check Equipment in the Off Season

Off-season is a great time to make sure your archery gear is up to par.

If you have an archery pro-shop nearby have them help you go through your strings and serving making sure they aren’t frayed or worn out. Be sure to listen for rattling noises when you shoot or squeaks when you pull back. Make sure your release is working properly and not seizing up or getting squeaky (it may just need oiled if any moisture got in it). Make sure the fletchings on your arrows aren’t starting to fall off or ripped or torn. Any of these things can alarm a deer, scare a deer, or even just mess up your shot.

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2 Comments on “Archery Skills Up to Par?

  1. I grew up shooting 3D. I think that has helped me more than anything when it comes to judging distances and picking a shot.

  2. I practice over my lunch hour. We created a shoot lane in the trees at my work. Practice never gets old.