Archery Velvet Hunt

Archery Velvet Hunt

Tennessee to Hold First Ever Archery Velvet Hunt

There are many first outdoor experiences in a person’s life. The first time your dad takes you camping or hunting. Your first gun or bow. I remember the first time I caught a five pound bass. Three of my favorite memories are my first deer (it was a 238lb doe), my first buck (seven point buck when I was fifteen), and my first bow kill (a 150lb doe). I still own my first Benelli shotgun and I remember my first Mathews bow. The excitement of these memories I will cherish it forever. This year in the state of Tennessee we have one of these “moments” that will ring in my mind forever. It is the first ever three day archery velvet hunt in August.

The anticipation of this hunt has me awake at 1 am writing about it. My wife is already tired of me talking about the importance of this opportunity and my strategy for the weekend.

Plenty of Trail Cameras to Help

archery velvet hunt
Nice velvet buck on a 15 acre property I hunt.

I doubled down on trail cameras this year. On the two properties I’m able to hunt I have out eight cameras trying to really get to know the patterns of our bucks. We’ve planted soybeans and kept our RAKS™ Mineral licks up to date.

My brother and I are practicing with our bows every evening. Of course, our excitement grows with each practice shot and trail cam picture we dwell over. This is our chance to be apart of history in Tennessee and share this first velvet hunt together as outdoorsmen!

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