Bowhunting Basics

Bowhunting Basics

bowhunting basics

Ask anyone who bowhunts and they will tell you there is nothing like it.  Not to mention, bowhunting really isn’t as expensive to start as people think.  There are many beginner bow packages that are very affordable.  Of course there are many things to look at when wanting to get started with bowhunting.  Here are some bowhunting basics that I think will help you.

Finding The Right Equipment

There are numerous amounts of bows to shoot.  You can find beginner bows that are already set up the way you need it that are very affordable.  Best bet is to shoot as many as you can and compare them.  Choose the one you find the most comfortable for you.  Find that one that you think you can be the most accurate with.  One of the best ways to know you will be getting started on the right path is to visit your local pro shop.  Have them help you find that perfect bow for you.  After you find the right bow, your local pro shop can also help find the sight, rest, and arrows that will fit you best.

 Treestand Placement

As a bowhunter you are limited to close range shots so finding that perfect tree can be very tough.  Therefore I like to set my stands about 18 feet high and to be set up for 20 to 25 yard shots.  By having stands that close, you are more likely to be able to see branches or twigs when pulled back on an animal.  Find your comfort zone, if you are most confident at 30 yards then set up accordingly.  I have stands set for early season, rut, and late season.  Typically, early season is set up on field edges and next to a water source.  During the rut I try to get into doe bedding areas to catch the bucks searching for a new girlfriend.  Late season I go back to field edges or try to set over a food plot that is still green.

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