Hunters – Who We Are (Part I)

Hunters – Who We Are (Part I)
Teach them when they are young.

Hunters - Who We Are

Hunters – Who We Are

I typed – hunters are – into a search engine the other day and was more than disappointed to see what the top suggestions read.  Cowards.  Evil.  Killers nothing less.  So teaching and passing on to the next generation the truth about who we are as hunters is very important.

Many people who are outsiders to hunting have many negative opinions.  Some of these opinions are that hunters are violent “murderers” who leave the animal to rot after killed or that we are destroying the habitat of these animals.  One that amazes me is that hunters only kill for the thrill, like it’s some sort of sick obsession to see an animal die.  The challenge and hard work that goes into a hunt is an obsession.  However, the thought we don’t respect the animals we hunt is sickening.

These inaccurate labels are hurting us as a whole.  Hence, we must instill into the next generation that we are providers, conservationists, and are indeed obsessed.  But obsessed in a positive way.   We can help change the negative outlook on us as hunters.


The animals we hunt feed our families.  Therefore the thought that the animals we harvest are not utilized is false.  If you are a hunter it is important to teach your kids.   First and foremost that what we kill goes from field to plate.  Eating deer for many meals is how I was raised.  Consequently, it was definitely a favorite of mine.  I learned how to skin a deer.   And how to utilize as much meat as possible as a young kid.  Most important to my family was knowing where our food came from.  Venison and other big game is some of the healthiest meat known to man.  After all, providing for our families is a blessing none of us should take for granted.

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