Indoor Target Archery – Can It Help Me As A Bowhunter?

Indoor Target Archery – Can It Help Me As A Bowhunter?

Many of us see the local ads and flyers for indoor archery target shoots. But a lot think, “I don’t need to shoot that, I’m a bowhunter”. Some bowhunters get out and shoot a 3D or 2 throughout the off season. They consider this all the practice needed. What these shooters don’t realize are the benefits that can be gained by shooting indoor target archery.

Aim Small, Miss Small

As hunters, if we only shoot 3D target or other bowhunter themed targets, it’s likely we aren’t shooting as precise as we could. For some, putting all our arrows in a softball sized group at 20 yards is good enough. Why not do better?

Imagine if you could put all your arrows on to a spot the size of a 50-cent piece at the same distance. Now that’s accuracy and it can be achieved by shooting these indoor target archery shoots.

Aim small, miss small. If you barely miss a softball at 20 yards it’s a much greater error than if you barely miss a 50-cent piece. Shooting this indoor target stuff will help you be able to pick that 50-cent piece spot out and hit it. But don’t forget to keep at those 3D targets because deer don’t have a 10 ring.

The Dreaded Buck Fever

We have all been there. Here comes a deer, whether it’s a big ol’ buck or a doe, and the shakes kick in. How many of us have come to full draw on a deer to find out your nerves are rattled to the point of no return? Getting that pin to settle down on the deer’s vitals can seem like a daunting task. Archery is mental as much as or more than physical. Shooting target archery can help with the mental side of the game.

indoor target archeryThere’s a lot more to it than just walking up to the line and letting arrows fly. Most target archers will mentally shoot each arrow before they actually shoot it. Once they let that arrow fly they will replay that shot over in their mind. Many target archers will lock their focus on that x-ring. Maintaining that focus there until they have shot all arrows for that round.

A strong mental archery game will help a bowhunter leaps and bounds. Being able to control your emotions and mentally focus are key. This will help you tackle the dreaded buck fever.

Muscle Memory Helps Create Better Form

Most have heard the term muscle memory. How does it affect us as bowhunters? The more we shoot the more muscle memory we build up. Muscle memory is what helps us to be able replicate each shot over and over. Being able to do this will make your accuracy go up tremendously. Shooting these indoor target shoots will help develop that needed muscle memory. Not to mention the muscles needed to help hold that pin on target. Some tournaments you may shoot as many as 70 arrows. If you shoot a hand full of these tournaments throughout the year the number of arrows you put down range drastically increases.indoor target archery

Shooting all these arrows will help you to develop the muscles necessary to keep that pin on your target. In turn creating better form. Better form translates to a more consistent shot. A more consistent shot will translate to better accuracy. As a result you will have fewer misses or wounded game. Not to mention you will find your max effective range may go from 30-40 yards to being able to hit a golf ball out to 60 yards.

You May Be Surprised How Much Fun Indoor Target Archery Shoots Are!

These are just a few of the many improvements target shoots can have on your bowhunting skills. Give it a try next time you see an ad or flyer for one of these shoots. You just may be surprised at how much fun you have.

At last, don’t let the thought of competing against guys with thousands of dollars wrapped up in there equipment scare you either. Indoor target archery shoots are broken down by class. Consequently, which class you shoot is determined by your equipment . So yes, bowhunters we have their own class.

So when your beginning your prep for hunting season don’t forget to give these a try. Deer don’t have a X-ring but being able to focus, mentally overcome your nerves, aim small, miss small, and get off a consistent shot will help you harvest that next deer.

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2 Comments on “Indoor Target Archery – Can It Help Me As A Bowhunter?

  1. This article is pointing out a lot of great things that indoor target shooting can do for you. I too am guilty of putting my bow away after the season ends and not shooting until it warms up outside.

  2. Although I prefer being in my stand as opposed to shooting paper or 3D, I know it’s a necessity for a successful fall! I find I’m much more confident and there is less to try to remember when I draw back on a deer and have been shooting consistently prior to that encounter. I also try to shoot each time before I hit the stand to gain a bit more confidence and ensure my bow is in prime condition. I may not win many (if any) shoots during th off season, but I’m out having fun and working on my form!