Best Resource for Food Plots

Best Resource for Food Plots

The Best Resource for Food Plots You May Have Never Considered

best resource for food plots
Preparing an area for food plots.

Many big game enthusiasts and conservationists alike take habitat very seriously. Whether you’re after whitetail, muley’s, upland game birds, or other wild game. One thing is for sure, quality habitat leads to higher population and healthier animals.

That’s why many of us will set out to plant food plots this spring. And while there’s no shortage of information available online, one often overlooked and best resource for food plots is your local game conservation office.

If you’ve had any experience around planting food plots, or any crops for that matter, you’re likely well aware that you need a few things to be successful. Water, proper sunlight, and weed control are just a few things to study up on and learn about. However, you don’t have to do this on your own.

Knowledge and Information at Their Fingertips

Your local Game and Fish or Wildlife Conservation Agency has droves of knowledge and information at their fingertips. One other thing they have available that many sportsmen overlook is resources.

Have you looked into the support you could get from your state agencies regarding food plots and wildlife habitat? Take South Dakota for example. The state has been providing information as well as free food plot seed for nearly 50 years. They’ll provide farmers, ranchers, and other individuals with the seed necessary to establish a strong habitat for local wildlife. They’ll even cover a portion of the costs to work the land and plant the food plot. How’s that for a sweet deal?

Make sure you consider all of the possible resources for your habitat efforts this year. Explore your local agencies. Look into what state and federal programs might be available to you, even as an individual, to aid your efforts to develop a strong, healthy wildlife population.

When wildlife wins. We all win.

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3 Comments on “Best Resource for Food Plots

  1. The conservation office is a recourse that I never thought of. It seems like I always have questions about food plots.

  2. The NRCS will also allow you to use their drill for a small fee. Very helpful to get it planted with the right implement.