Equipment For Food Plots

Equipment you have available will determine how hard you will have to work.  Food plotting is no easy chore.  For most of us, gaining access to the right implements is the biggest hurdle.  You can borrow from friends, neighbors or local farmers until you can afford some of your own.  At a minimum, you will need to kill the weeds, expose the soil and disperse/plant the seed.

Equipment Available For Every BudgetEquipment - Food Plots

Most food plotting equipment is not cheap.  Not to mention the costs of things like seed, fertilizer and herbicide.  If it seems like food plots are for the rich you are wrong.  All it takes is some creativity, willingness to work hard and a good reputation with friends and neighbors.  If this applies to you, chances are you can get your food plots put in for minimal costs.  Of course, the biggest step is starting!   After all, you will learn the rest along the way.

I will cover the must-have tools for food plotting in a few articles.  In fact, we will discuss equipment for every budget.  In the meantime, soil testing is something you can get done now!

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