Sprayers – Food Plot Equipment (Part I)

Sprayers – Food Plot Equipment (Part I)

Sprayers are first on the list of tools.  Not only is weed control the most important task but it also the most difficult.  Jumping right into tilling up the ground is easy because it feels like you are getting something done.  Slow down and do not get carried away.  The time to get dirty and play in the dirt will come soon enough.  Of course it will be much more rewarding playing with the big boy toys after you spray your site with herbicide.

Everyone has a different budget for equipment.  With that in mind we will discuss some different options:

Backpack or Pump SprayersSprayers - Backpack

A good backpack sprayer will run around $50.  This is a good investment for smaller food plots.  Not only are these sprayers great for small food plots but for spot spraying later on.  Typically you will use them on food plots less than ½ an acre in size.  These sprayers are also especially handy if your food plot is not accessible by vehicle.

ATV Sprayers

Sprayers - ATVA good ATV sprayer will run you around $200.  They can cost more depending how big of tank you want and so on.  Typically you are looking at a 15-25 gallon sprayer.  Most have a boom or broadcast nozzle for spraying large areas as well as a wand for spot spraying.  If you have access to an ATV and more than ½ an acre these are the way to go.   This type of sprayer will get the job done just fine all the way up to 10 acres of ground.

3-Point or Wagon Sprayer

If you are planting more than 10 acres you will want something bigger.  That’s where this type of sprayer comes in.  Sprayers of this type will run you a couple thousand dollars.  Usually they have a hundred plus gallon tank.  In fact a sprayer that can hold more liquid usually has a wider spray swath and will get the job done quicker.

Sprayers - WagonChances are you already own or have access to one of these if you are planting this large of food plots.  You will need big boy toys to use one of these.  A tractor if you were wondering.  You know, the kind we all wish we owned.

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