Hunting Camp

Hunting Camp
hunting camp
The next generation relaxing after a long day.

This is the time of year that we all take to the woods and spend quality time at hunting camp.  Whether it’s a couple of days camping with friends while on the hunt or spending a week at the “lodge”.  In my mind, this is where the best times are shared!

Hunting Is In Our DNA!

Why do the woods call us?  It’s a question often asked to us by those who do not but equally difficult to answer by those that do.  There’s no simpler answer than it is just in our DNA!  I don’t think anyone can deny that a large part of the hunt is the camaraderie with family and friends.  Time at hunting camp is a special occasion for most.  Many times it is a family reunion of sorts.  This may be the only time during the year that you get to see several of your family and friends.

Usually there is a trip involved, whether by yourself or part of the group.  Along the way, a transition of sorts seems to occur.  You start to relax.  Roles of the real world are forgotten about as we all become one thing – hunters.  By journey’s end, we are all part of the camo clad world of the hunting brotherhood.

Mornings are a busy time with everyone waking up and getting their gear together.  Checking over everything they put together the night before.   Plans are laid out for each hunter as we dine over pop tarts and other quick breakfast items.  There’s usually not a cooked breakfast in our hunting camp but look out when supper time comes!

Hunting Tales – Truth or Fiction?

Most of the year we hit our stands in the morning and evening.  Returning for lunch and game planning for the evening.  During “prime time” rut most of us spend the entire day in the stand.  It doesn’t matter what hunting camp you are in when sunset hits as the goal is the same.  Get back to camp to see who punched their tag and revel in story hour.  Many a tale have been told in hunting camp – some true and some not so.  Each hunter listening to stories from others while waiting patiently to tell their own.

A tradition as old as language is stories of year’s past.  Reliving the days of yore and tales you will always have.  There are other reasons to hunt, but as long as there is the camaraderie of deer camp, who needs ‘em!

Tell us about some traditions of your hunting camp…

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2 Comments on “Hunting Camp

  1. I’ve had some of my best times at hunting camp when it wasn’t even hunting season! Getting together with good friends to work on the lodge, blinds, etc and then wetting a line for some tasty fish is great! Looking forward to this season at camp after a lot of work over the summer to make major improvements.

  2. So true! I think this hits home right in the gut for most hunters. Hunt camp is usually exactly where I’m supposed to be. Well done!