Hunting – The Deeper Meaning

Hunting – The Deeper Meaning

I remember when I was a kid. We only got to go hunting a couple times a year but man those times with friends and family were priceless.  There was no outdoors television. Heck we only had maybe four channels depending on the weather! Saturday mornings were always set aside for cartoons. LOL.

hunting - the deeper meaningThe older I got the more opportunities I had to go hunting. You can bet I took advantage of every opportunity possible to go. I remember as a teenager the first VHS hunting videos began to come available once a year right before hunting season. Videos like Realtree Monster Bucks, Hunter Specialties Prime Time, Primos The Truth, Dan Fitzgerald, and we can’t forget TK and Mike. I looked forward to the release of new videos each year. My passion and love for the outdoors just continued to be fueled.

It’s Beyond Hunting

Now here I am today, blessed beyond words to be able to do what I love. That goes beyond hunting, it’s to hopefully kindle a fire in a hunter’s soul. A fire that isn’t just about harvesting an animal but to fall in love with the whole tradition of hunting.

Hunting is so much more than just shooting mature deer or deer in general. Even though we work very diligently, passionately and hard at QDM (Quality Deer Management). It’s sleepless nights before opening day. Laying out your clothes the night before. Going through your gear a hundred times just to make sure you don’t forget anything. Looking forward to stopping by the local convenience mart for a tenderloin biscuit and chocolate milk before hitting the woods. And of course, making sure you never forget the TP – you know, just in case!

The Excitement of Sleepless Nights

It’s about hearing someone else shoot and not being able to wait any longer to go and see what was harvested. It didn’t matter the size of the deer, because everyone was so excited. There was no criticism, only compliments and congratulatory hugs and tons of smiles. Driving your trophy around for hours with your tailgate down showing him or her off to family and friends. Telling the story of how everything happened hundreds of times over. This is what my heart and vision is for BitterSweet Outdoors. To always be about the excitement of sleepless nights before making memories chasing bucks, shootin’ squirrels, or maybe fishing on a hot bluegill bed with family and friends.

Here’s wishing you sleepless nights because of the excitement knowing you’ll be in the woods!

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  1. This reminds me of a lot of hunts I’ve had over the years. Though I may not have even filled a tag on some of those hunts, it was still fun just hunting with family and seeing a ton of wildlife!