Hunting World – Happiness

Hunting World – Happiness

Find Your Why in Today’s Hunting World

hunting worldWe live in a hunting world that consists of $400 trail cameras, $1200 bows, $50 per pack broad heads and just about every other accessory costing over $150.  And somehow, there’s a whole lot of people that buy most of this stuff brand new on a yearly basis.  And that’s ok, you don’t have to.

We also live in a hunting world that if you shoot a buck that is under 5 years old, you may get criticized for not letting him grow to his potential.  And that’s ok, you can shoot that 2 year old buck if you so choose.  We even live in a hunting world where if you do shoot a buck that has reached 5 years old, I’ll be damned if you better have at least 2 years’ worth of shed antlers and a complete life cycle of trail cam pics in order to prove that you didn’t just get lucky.  And even that is ok because sometimes being lucky is pretty cool.

It’s OK To Do It Your Way

My point is this, you don’t have to keep hunting in ways that make other people happy.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the info above, but it’s not for everyone.  If you hunt deer with a gun, that’s ok.  Just as it’s ok to hunt them with a compound, traditional or even a crossbow.  Does it really matter?  If you’re following the law, then it shouldn’t make a difference.

There for a while, it seemed as though everybody was turning on each other if they didn’t hunt a certain way.  But lately, I’ve been turned on to some podcasts that show a trend going in another direction.  I think people are getting tired of seeing so much negativity on social media and they’re starting to voice their displeasure.  That is a good thing folks.  The number of hunters keep dwindling on a yearly basis, and it’s time we start supporting each other in all ways of the outdoors.  If we don’t, then none of this will even be a topic for discussion.

You Can Razz Your Buddies But Support Each Other

I think the days of competition and puffing your chest out are starting to fade a bit.  I think that’s a good thing too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love razzing my buddies at hunt camp and throughout the year on what they do or don’t shoot.  And of course you’re going to remind them of topics worth bragging about.  Just as important, I love getting some good ole fashioned ribbing on not so skillful hunts I’ve been on myself.  But as a whole, supporting each other instead of bagging on each other is better for everyone.  Just my .02!

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