Public Ground Hunting

Public Ground Hunting

Public Ground Hunting Can Be Very Rewarding

Are you unable to find hunting ground for the upcoming deer season? Worried about what to do? Check your local public ground for hunting. Public ground bowhunting can be very beneficial. It may take a lot of hard work but it can also be very rewarding if you do your homework on the terrain and deer movement. It may take a lot of hiking and scouting. You may not even be able to use a tree stand depending on the regulations in your state or just on that piece of public ground.


public ground
Deer rub on Nebraska public ground.

Start off scouting by talking to your local game and parks commission to see who works in that area. They may know of how the deer travel and what kind of deer size they see. You can also try hiking through the property to find trails that deer have been using. If it is legal hang a trail camera to see how the deer travel, what time they travel, and where they travel the most. I would recommend a locked security case around the camera so no one tries to steal it or the SD card.

A lot of times most people won’t go all the way through the property to scout or even to hunt. Find out the boundaries of the property and hike all the way to the far corner of the property. Look for deer sign around there. Chances are that will be the least pressured area on the public ground. There are also organizations such as the Big Game Conservation Association that go into public ground to put in food plots or put up shooting blinds. Check local regulations as they can be very beneficial. You may find out that there can be real giants on public property.

It is important to scout. Whether it is public or private land. The difference is that public land is very pressured so be sure you spend plenty of time before season so you have a good idea how the property works.


Public ground can get hectic during some parts of seasons. So don’t be surprised if you have someone come walking into your location or even have them sitting in your spot when you get there. Get in early and sit tight. Especially if you are in the far corner of the property. Deer may get pushed to you by other hunters trying to find a spot to sit.

Making a ground blind out of brush would be a great option if you are worried about getting your tree stand or ground blind stolen. Just make sure you know your state regulations because states vary. Make sure you have shooting lanes cleared and be sure of where you are shooting.

Do you have any tips for hunting public hunting? If so, share them with us in the comments below.

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