Deer Blinds

Deer Blinds

Deer BlindsOver the years I have seen many different deer blinds.  From using old windmill towers to free sheds placed on trailers.  How to construct one is only limited by your imagination! Building your own deer hunting blind and having a successful hunt from it can be very satisfying and rewarding. Homemade deer blinds allow you to ambush deer unnoticed and are easier on the pocketbook than buying one.

Homemade Blinds Can Be Much Cheaper Than Store Bought

A blind can be a very effective method for hunting deer. There are many different types of deer hunting blinds on the market today that may serve well, but a homemade deer hunting blind can be much cheaper and just as effective when done correctly.

Carefully plan the location of the blind. Keep in mind deer travel routes and the prominent wind direction. Pay attention to the sun’s direction during the time of day you primarily plan to hunt the deer blind. Building a blind and hunting it only to have the sun in your face can be deflating. The earlier you build the blind before hunting deer, the better. Deer need time to get used to changes to their environment. Build the hunting blind one or two months before you plan to hunt in it.

Build the Blind to Suit Your Needs

One of the best parts of your new blind should be comfort and convenience. Cup holders, shelves, benches and outdoor carpet are just some of the things you can add later on. But maybe less is more for some of you. Build your blind to suit your needs and do not worry about what others think!

Share your homemade blind pictures with us. We want to see what kind of unique ideas are out there!

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