Hunting Podcasts

Hunting Podcasts

Hunting Podcasts – Top 5 to Follow

I love getting an education while being entertained. If you’re anything like me, podcasts offer a great solution for both. Whether you’re spending time in a truck, in a tractor, or at your desk in the office, a podcast can be a great resource to help pass time and learn new tips and tricks for your favorite past times. Here are five great hunting podcasts for you to consider.

hunting podcastsMeatEater

Put together by Steven Rinella and produced by Yanis Putellis, this podcast covers a wide range of topics. Most topics cover wildlife and hunting, but conversations will steer off in random directions at times. Regardless, it’s always informative and entertaining.

Keep Hammering

What’s there to say about Cameron Hanes? Considered a hunting athlete (yes, there is such a thing), Hanes is as hard as they come. In every episode, Hanes and his guests talk about overcoming obstacles to achieve high standards and lofty goals. It’s hard to listen without feeling educated and motivated.

Joe Rogan Experience

Not exactly a hunting podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience is one that covers the gamut of topics. As Rogan’s personal interest in hunting and the discipline of bowhunting in particular have continued to grow, many of his episodes feature hunting related content or popular outdoor personalities. 

Wired to Hunt

Started by Mark Kenyon, this podcast is a whitetail hunter’s dream. Tons of useful information about hunting deer across the US. Kenyon shares personal successes and failures as the everyman’s hunter. This show features information as entertaining as it is useful.

Gritty Bowmen

A great podcast for any hunter, Gritty Bowmen covers it all. Tales of big wins and big losses cover the show along with a style that the group calls “stouthearted, plucky, and mettlesome.” Podcasts feature hunting personalities and great organizations and cover everything from technique to fitness to conservation.

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