RAKS 101

Big Game Mule Deer

RAKS™ Big Game Supplements were developed by a group of cattle industry researchers and lifelong hunters.  As a matter of fact they have over 20 years of experience in animal health and nutrition.  These products are hands down the finest quality big game supplements on the market.  If your goal is to increase overall herd health and produce trophy antlers, look no further.  Founders set out to provide the ultimate in deer and big game nutrition while not sacrificing attractant value.

RAKS™ was developed with every big game species and every hunting situation in mind.  That means you’re covered whether you chase whitetail in the heartland or mule deer in Montana.  RAKS™ products were developed to provide optimal nutrition for your herd even if that’s in the backwoods of Georgia or the aspens of Colorado.  RAKS™ is the simplest way to ensure you’re using exceptional quality products and setting yourself up for that opportunity at world-class animals.

In an industry full of “the next best supplement”, RAKS™ customers can rest assured that these products are second to none.  No flashy colors or fancy gimmicks needed.  RAKS™ Big Game Supplements offer a no muss, no fuss system that produces unbeatable results.


RAKS™ Big Game Mineral

A loose mineral that when incorporated into the ground is a natural way for big game animals to consume.  Contains an optimum 2:1 Calcium to Phosphorous ratio with less than 25% salt content.  RAKS™ mineral is also the first deer supplement to contain Yucca Shidigera.  An extract from the Yucca plant, this reduces single cell organisms that cause disease in big game animals. Yucca Shidigera also allows for greater uptake of other nutrients naturally found in a deer’s diet.  Available here in 8 pound jugs or 18 and 40 pound bags.

Directions for Use

RAKS™ Buster Big Game Protein Block

The block is a long-lasting substitute for feed.  It is a good alternative for those that live a long way from their hunting spot.  Buster Blocks are also great for those places where you want to limit your activity.  Don’t be fooled by gimmicks. Buster Blocks are not salt licks.  They contain the proper mix of nutrients and protein deer need for optimal antler growth.  Available here in 33.33 pound blocks.

RAKS™ STAK Premium Big Game Feed

A feed supplement designed to maximize herd health and antler development.  Nutritionally sound with only the finest ingredients to both attract and maintain animal health.

We have developed a strong attractant value within our feed without taking away from the nutrient value.  This rare blend of nutritional and attractant value is only available from RAKS™.  Users will quickly be attracting more big game from farther away!  Available as a dry mixture or in pellet form. Both available in 40 pound bags.

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