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You Too Can Become Part of the RAKS™ Big Game Family
RAKS™ Big Supplements is looking for qualified individuals to join the RAKS Family.  First you must have a passion for hunting and the outdoors.   Second you must have drive, personality, professionalism and integrity.  In addition, involvement with conservation organizations is highly regarded!  We seek those that are willing to represent and promote the RAKS™ Big Game Supplements family of products.  This is via social media and blogs not to mention product reviews, posting on forums, filming your hunts or a variety of other ways.  As a staff member, you will be called upon to represent RAKS™ Big Game Supplements at local/regional events in your area and the possibility of assisting with booths during expos/trade shows.

As a RAKS™ Big Game Supplements staff member you have the benefit of purchasing our products at a discount throughout the year.  Would you like to be a part of our team?  Please follow this link to read an article about what a Pro/Field Staffer is.  If this still sounds like something you are interested in please fill out our 2019 Pro/Field Staff Application.

RAKS Staff

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