Bryer Miller – Field Staff

Bryer MillerBryer Miller is from Wathena, Kansas.  He started hunting with his grandpa, uncles, and dad when he was about 8 years old.  He has always loved the outdoors, whether that’s turkey hunts that turn into mushroom/shed hunts or those frosty November morning rut hunts.

Bryer is 23 years old and owns a nutrition shop, as well as a gym.  While running both businesses, he also works for his father’s construction company, M CON LLC, based in Wathena.  In 2017 while attending K-State, he was home on break for a buddy’s wedding.  During that time, Bryer wrecked his motorcycle heading to the wedding.  He lost his spleen and nearly all the blood in his body.  Those months spent cooped up made him realize what he really loved.  That was helping people train in the gym and feel better about themselves along with deer hunting.

What Actually Matters

Bryer used to hunt because he loved harvesting the big one.  After the wreck, he started looking more into deer nutrition and not just people’s nutrition.  That’s when he found out what minerals and what amount of those minerals/protein made up in feeds and blocks actually mattered.  Before, he was just throwing out whatever his buddies said attracted deer the best.  He also fell in love with planting food plots, hunting the wind and funnels and watching bucks grow to their full potential (even if the neighbors ended up with it).Bryer Miller

After reading the Brown Bag Blog and the ingredients that go into RAKS™ feed and mineral, he’s ready to take that next leap.  Growing the biggest deer possible on their farms!

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