Elizabeth Alder – Field Staff

Elizabeth Alder was raised in Wisner, Nebraska alongside her brother, Field Staff member Steven Cornett.

The two grew up best friends and love the outdoors. Like Steven, Elizabeth grew up around bow hunting, fishing and all things outdoor-related. Elizabeth took some time off from bow hunting to focus on her dance group. But when she picked it back up, she fell in love with the sport all over again. Her dad helped her learn everything over again. By the age of 14, she shot her first deer while sitting with Steven. That was the moment she knew hunting was something she could never give up again. Memories are the best part of any hunting experience and shooting her first deer with her brother is the best memory of all.

Job at Scheels Helps Ease the No Time for Hunting Pains

Elizabeth Alder

During college, she could not get out hunting as much as she would have liked. But Elizabeth got a job at Scheels and was able to help people there. She learned so many things from the employees at Scheels it almost made up for not being in the stand. She’s never shot a big buck, but she definitely wants to. Whenever people ask her if she’s shot a big buck, she replies with, “No, but I have some pretty big memories that I wouldn’t replace for the biggest buck in the world.”. Elizabeth does, however, look forward to the day when she can say, “Yes, I harvested a mature whitetail buck using RAKS™ Mineral.”

Other than whitetail deer hunting, she also enjoys turkey hunting. On a recent trip to Branched Oak Recreation Area, she was able to call in a turkey that was crossing the road. No shots were taken but it was a very cool experience for her and her husband, Dave, to witness.  She’s always hunted with either her dad or brother, so it was her first time calling one in herself and she was beyond excited.

Sharing Her Passion for the Outdoors with Her Husband

Now that she is married and living in Malcolm, Nebraska, she shares her love of the outdoors with Dave. He is a rifle hunter but within the first weeks of marriage she convinced him to get a bow and now they shoot together all the time. They are both excited to join the rest of her family at archery tournaments. Since Elizabeth taught her husband how to shoot a bow, he is teaching her more about guns. She’s shot rifles, shotguns and pistols before, but Dave has helped her feel more confident and comfortable shooting them.

Elizabeth is extremely excited to promote RAKS™ Big Game Supplements. She relishes the opportunity to join such an amazing company that she has grown up with!

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