John Filsinger – Field Staff

Jojohn filsingerhn Filsinger grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska and now lives in Lincoln. He started hunting at the age of 8 but didn’t shoot his first deer until age 12. When he was 13, he shot his first deer with a bow. Of course he has been hooked on bowhunting ever since!

Since then John hasn’t put his bow down. Not only does he hunt as much as possible but he competes in archery competitions. He enjoys shooting 3D and target tournaments and has qualified for the the IBO World 3D Championship. Not once but twice.

John Believes in Giving Back

John enjoys hunting turkeys in the spring and whitetails in the fall. Not to mention upland birds, antelope and waterfowl.

John has taken on a busy and active roll in his local archery club – Prairie Bowmen Archery Club. From teaching archery to youth, adults wanting to pick up a new skill, and archers wanting to take their archery game to the next level. He is a certified USA coach as well as a NASP coach and instructor.

John is excited to be a member of the RAKS™ Family and help this amazing family of sportsmen grow. Happy hunting!

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