Kent Burdiek – Field Staff

Kent Burdiek

Kent Burdiek was born and raised in northeast Kansas.  He grew up on the family farm and continues to raise corn, soybeans, and cattle with his dad.  Kent started hunting at age 12 with his dad and it has become his passion.

In 2002, Kent harvested his first buck with a rifle that was a 175” Kansas 13 point!  That has created a monster and he heads into the deep timber hunting big bucks every chance he can get.  It wasn’t until 2005 that he began bowhunting.  It has now become an obsession and hunting trophy whitetails during archery season is something he loves to do.

The Best Product Out There for Growing Your Herd

Kent began using RAKS™ Mineral in the fall of 2014 and has seen outstanding results.  He had been using other products for the previous 10-15 years and nothing even compares to the results that RAKS™ has produced.  When he had the opportunity to help promote RAKS™, Kent knew he had to jump on it.  He feels it is by far the best product out there for growing your herd.

Kent has been married for 6 years and has two sons.

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