Nick Sherlock – Field Staff

nick sherlockNick Sherlock was born and raised in Northwest Missouri on a cattle and grain farm. Growing up, he took every opportunity he had to spend time in the outdoors. Whether that was fishing, camping, or hunting. In 1995, he killed his first buck with his father by his side. After that, his love for chasing whitetails turned into an obsession. Today he hunts whitetail in Missouri, and turkey in both Missouri and Nebraska.  He hopes to extend his whitetail scouting and hunting to central Nebraska in the next couple of years.

He Makes Up Missed Stand Time By Off Season Scouting

Nick is a welding instructor by day, and has a small welding business that he operates in the evenings. He married in 2009 and has two sons and a daughter. As his family and business grew, he found himself spending less time in the deer stand. To compensate for the lost stand time, he decided to make it up by scouting carefully year around. Today his favorite part of hunting whitetails is maintaining RAKS™ mineral sites and running trail cameras.

In 2012, EHD hit the area where Nick hunts. A large amount of the whitetail population was wiped out. Since then, he has been doing everything he can to keep the deer heard in his area healthy. Of course, he believes that herd health is a key part in rebuilding, and maintaining a balanced population of whitetail. Not only for now but future generations of hunters.

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