Steven Cornett – Field Staff

Steven Cornett

Steven Cornett has always enjoyed the great outdoors and spending time out there with his family.  He is a farm hand in his hometown of Wisner.

Steven’s family are  bow hunters as far back as his Great Grandpa Heller.  He feels there is nothing in this world much better than sitting in a deer stand!  His dad shared this great passion with him at the age of three and Steven has enjoyed every second of it.  Whether it was just sitting with his dad or finally getting to hold his own bow in the tree stand for the first time by himself.  It hasn’t been just bow hunting in his life.  His parents, sister and him always enjoy competing in archery tournaments across the state with each other.

Steven Knew he Would be Involved With The Bowhunting Industry

He shot his first big buck when he was 16 years old.  He knew then that he wanted to be involved with the bow hunting industry.  For the past three years he has been letting the small bucks pass, scouting, and using RAKS™ mineral to have more success in trying to harvest mature whitetails.

He hunts river bottom ground with irrigated crops along the Elkhorn River.  After deer season, his focus is on what he can do to make it better and get ready to start shed hunting.  He loves turkey hunting just as much as deer hunting.  Hearing a gobble at dusk will send a shrill up anyone’s spine!

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