RAKS Testimonials

2 Great Archery Deer On The Wall

I have only been a deer hunter for a few years now.  I have 2 great archery deer on the wall.  Both harvested on areas that exclusively use your products.  Best Regards and continued success with a great product!

Al Patterson

ReelBait Tackle Company
Seward, NE 68434

Never Used a Mineral On Our Farm

I have never used a mineral on our farm before this past season.  Coincidently, I have never shot a deer on our property over 140 inches.  This past season I put out RAKS™.  Not only did I get many trail cam pics of 140″ and up deer but also harvested my biggest buck.  It was a 140+” ten point.  Deer management is letting deer grow in age as well as getting them the best nutrients you can.  In order to maximize their full growing potential. That is why I continue to use RAKS™.  As a matter of fact, if you want big deer, buy RAKS™.

Brian Kehrli

We Are Amazed

This year was the second year my family has used RAKS™ Mineral on our property.  We are amazed at the type of bucks we are seeing and harvesting.  All of our deer are bigger.  In addition, the bucks on our property are the biggest we have ever had.  Taking advantage of RAKS™ Mineral and using it consistently is one of the best things we have ever done.

Caleb Schroeder

A Friend Convinced Me To Use RAKS

Last spring a friend convinced me to use RAKS™ mineral.  Of course, I am glad he did.  We only have a small area to hunt.   Not only did we put mineral down in two locations but also reapplied some additional mineral later in the spring.   We saw the results of what RAKS™ mineral can do during the opening weekend of rifle season.  My son and I each harvested nice 4×4 bucks.  Furthermore mine had very heavy antlers and a real wide and even spread.

Richard Howe
Seward, NE

We Harvested Some of the Best Deer in the Area

My brother and I started the RAKS™ Mineral licks on our hunting ground.  Consequently, a very good outcome!  We each harvested some of the best deer in the area!  RAKS™ mineral is worth the time to start the licks and keep them going!  Lifelong RAKS™ Mineral customers for the both of us!  Thank You RAKS™ Mineral for the excellent product!


I Was Very Skeptical

I was skeptical in putting down new mineral until one of those great deer walk into your view.  We didn’t get the big boys that were on our properties but these two are very well represented!  Not only am I sold on RAKS™ Mineral but also very excited to be using it on our properties at Nebraska Outdoor Experience!  RAKS™ increased our deer size and bettered the health of the herd 2 fold in the first year!  Thank You and here is to many more great bucks!

Jason D. Christensen

Always Open to Trying New Products

“Take a kid hunting and you won’t be hunting for them in the future!”  I have been an avid bow hunter for the last 10 yrs.  Moreover I am always open to new products. Always looking for ways to help grow bigger whitetails.  In previous years, I have put out many different types of minerals.  Not only did I start many different sites but also had questionable results.  This year I picked two specific mineral sights and used only RAKS™ mineral in both of them. The pictures I have gotten from these two cameras speak for themselves.

I have noticed an overall improvement in the health of the deer and the mass of the deer antlers. The bucks in the picture were taken three hundred yards from the RAKS™ Mineral licks ten minutes apart on the same morning.

These Bucks Put on a Ton of Mass

These bucks came down the same drainage after making an early morning stop at the mineral site which is almost a daily occurrence before heading back to bed. I passed this big five by five last year at ten yards because he lacked the mass I was looking for, well this year he has doubled the mass he held last year. The other buck is a six by eight. Last year he was just a typical five by five and did not have much mass.  Both of these bucks put on a ton of mass from this time last year and the only thing I changed on my end was the mineral I was putting out. Both of these bucks were regulars at the mineral sights.

Every deer I have seen on our spot this year has put on body mass and antler mass with this product.  I have 2 ½’s that have mass like they are 4 ½’s this year.  I have never had such good results with any one product like I have with RAKS™.  A true believer and a RAKS™ customer for life.

Jeffrey G.

Every Year I Look for a New Product to Harvest Bigger Trophy Bucks

I have been an avid bow hunter for over 10 years.  Every year I look for a new product or strategy to enable me to harvest a bigger trophy buck.  The buck in the picture that I have submitted was harvested on a morning hunt.  I watched him from over 300 yards away visit one of my RAKS™ Mineral licks before he came into range under my tree stand.

Additionally, I have noticed an overall improvement in the number of larger bucks than in previous years.  Furthermore, all of the deer on our property are eating RAKS™ Mineral and we are seeing excellent results. Our first rack deer appear to have antlers as if they would be on their second set of antlers. Last, looking at the size of the bucks and the antler sheds I have found this spring I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone how well this product works!

Travis Keslar

Started Using RAKS 6 Years Ago

I started using RAKS™ 6 years ago now.   Not only have I been able to harvest a 150+” buck 2 out of the last 3 years but this year’s was pushing 170.  I have no doubt that it is due to me having the RAKS™ Mineral in front of them all year long.

Ryan Strope