Post Hunt – Scent Control Procedures (Part III)

Post Hunt – Scent Control Procedures (Part III)
Post Hunt Scent Control
Scent Control at the Truck with ScentMaster

Moisture Causes Odor

I’ve always felt that post hunt is just as important as the “at home pre-hunt”.  When you think about it, it’s the start of that step.  During your walk in, the hunt and the walk out, your body is producing moisture and your clothes become wet.  As we discussed before, that moisture is what causes odor.  While you’re undressing at the truck, it’s important to know that when you put those damp clothes into your sealed container, you now have created the perfect environment for that mildew type odor to go crazy.

Dry Your Clothes

This is why I choose the ScentMaster.  So that I can run all my gear through a cycle in order to get it all dry.  Not to mention at the same time getting rid of odor because of the carbon filters.  With another setup, it would be best to hang your clothes to air dry once home and then put them into your scent free container.  I like this system a lot, as it allows me to always have my gear scent free and ready to go for the next hunt.  There are many ways to create your own system, hopefully some of these ideas will help you out along the way.

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