Scent Control Procedures (Part I)

Scent Control - Scent Master

Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to be an expert, nor am I pushing brands of products.  Simply sharing my scent control procedure that has worked for me.

Scent Control Offers a Better Chance

When it comes to scent control, without a doubt the wind is gospel.  The nose on a whitetail deer is just too good.  It simply doesn’t matter what you do for scent control if you don’t play the wind.  That being said, I firmly believe that if you go into a set and the wind either changes direction or begins to swirl, a good scent control regimen offers a better chance at getting away with it.  Many times, if this wind switch occurs during a sit, it’s too late to get down and walk to another stand location without blowing deer out of your area.

My particular scent control procedure consists of four parts.  At home pre-hunt, in the field pre-hunt, the hunt and post-hunt.

Step 1:  At Home Pre-Hunt

This step involves equipment and clothing.  If space is available, a section of your home or a shed that can be deemed as your hunting quarters works best.  This helps with keeping all outside smells away from your gear, meaning anything from garbage, vehicle odors, pets etc.  Pick a good scent elimination product line that works for you, there’s many of them out there.  I have had good luck with Upwind products.  I will wash all of my clothing in scent free soap and allow to air dry outdoors.  After drying, I then spray all of it down with scent elimination spray and allow to completely dry.  I’ll spray all of my other gear at this time as well, from packs, optics, boots, bow, release, hat, etc.

Take Your Time So You Do Not Have Unnecessary Steps

Once all of this is dry, you’ll want to store it in air tight containment.  If it’s not dry before storage, that dampness will cause a mildew situation which will contaminate all of your gear with odor.  It is very important to take the needed time in this procedure, to allow you to be ready to go and not having unnecessary steps on your way to the stand.Scent Control - Scentmaster

I take this step a bit further by using a product called the Scentmaster.  It is a plastic box with a fan that circulates heated air through all of your gear, while also forcing that air through two carbon filters.  Two reasons I go this route.  I can use it as a form of dry cleaning whenever I have a power supply, and it saves my gear from early wear down due to not having to wash as often.  I put everything that I can fit inside the box and run it through a cycle.  I also leave the items in there to and from a hunt trip.  On top of all of this, I try to always take a scent free shower before each hunt.

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One comment on “Scent Control Procedures (Part I)
  1. I have been using a ScentMaster box for a few years now and love it! So much that last year a friend and I bought a ScentLocker for hunting camp. Great article here…cannot stress scent control enough!