Scent Elimination Sprays – Scent Control Procedures (Part II)

Scent Elimination Sprays – Scent Control Procedures (Part II)

Scent Elimination Spray

In the Field Pre-Hunt

I never wear anything on the drive to the hunt that I’m going to where while hunting.  Once I’m parked, I will get dressed outside the vehicle with the clothes and gear I stored in the Scentmaster box.  In any case, you could do the same out of whichever sealed container you implement in your setup.  I spray myself down with my scent elimination spray from head to toe.

Cover Everything in Scent Elimination Spray

Scent Elimination SprayAll of my gear including my bow gets covered in scent elimination spray as well.  I take extra time spraying my boots down, even if I’m wearing rubber boots.  My pack, optics, release, everything gets sprayed down.  I also use a scent eliminating mouth foam and try not to use tobacco products while on stand.  I feel now that I am as scent free as possible.  Not to mention I will take caution as to not touch any kind of brush while walking in.

The Hunt  

Not much in the way of scent control here and as mentioned earlier, playing the wind is crucial.  Once I arrive to my stand location, I will spray down lightly one more time especially if it’s warm out and I have worked up a sweat.  If it’s real hot, I have a few times packed in extra clothing to change into at the base of my tree.  I will also have a small bottle of field spray on me so that I can spray down during the hunt.

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1 Comment on “Scent Elimination Sprays – Scent Control Procedures (Part II)

  1. Thanks for sharing! Scent control, scent control, scent control…cannot stress this enough. Personally I use UpWind products and have about the same routine as you. Play the wind but make sure you have every other advantage!