Tree Stand Placement

Tree Stand Placement

Tree Stand Placement Is A Job In Itself

tree stand placementThis time of year everyone is scurrying back into the woods to set up tree stands. In most states we are less than a week out from opening bow season. Being a “weekend warrior” sometimes it is so hard to get to the lease, farm, or public land and really prepare months in advance. So I wanted to give 5 quick tips in prepping tree stand placement.

1. Mapping Software

Use Google Maps (or some form of satellite picture of your farm) to locate pinch points and natural shapes of the land. This will give you an idea for quicker decisions on locations of stands.

2. Know Your Stand

If you have never used this stand before then READ INSTRUCTIONS before you drive to the farm. As a male I know this is difficult but man this can save you time and energy.

3. Have the Right Tools

Bring a hand saw, chainsaw, pole saw, weed eater, a rake, and your harness. All these tools will allow you to create a quiet trail to the stand, hang a stand safely, and cut shooting lanes. Don’t forget extra gas and string for the weed eater. I think this is the most underrated step of all. Creating an easy way in, out, and shooting lanes is critical to a successful season.

4. Background is Key

Once you find the perfect “spot” look at all the trees and the background. When you look up to the stand from the ground and see light or open area then the deer will see your silhouette. This makes it hard to move or draw your bow. Background is key and don’t forget that in the fall the leaves disappear.

5. Wind Direction

Have a stand for all wind directions. As a weekend warrior I can’t not hunt a free weekend. If the wind is bad it’s bad. I’m hunting no matter what. So I have 5-10 stands on the farm (plus a climber for emergencies) to allow me to hunt all wind directions. This is critical when setting up stands this time of year. Know what areas the deer will come from. Map them out on your google map printout and be ready for any weather obstacle.

If you use these 5 easy steps it will enhance your deer season tremendously.

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