Using Mineral

• Clear the ground by removing sticks, leaves and debris in an area approximately 3′ x 3′ square.
• Loosen and turn the soil approximately six inches deep.
• Then mix 10-18 pounds of RAKS™ Mineral into the soil.
• Sprinkle your mineral lick with water to make it moist.

Using Mineral

Simply sprinkle at least 10 pounds of Raks™ Mineral evenly over the area.  Then mix it into the soil.  Adding water is not necessary.

WHEN TO APPLY:  Start the lick whenever, easiest when ground is thawed, and reapply every 30 days.

An average whitetail deer will consume 2-4 grams of RAKS™ Mineral per day.  The deer will consume the mineral and the soil.  Bucks who are developing antlers in the spring and summer will process increased amounts of calcium and phosphorus which will be used for antler growth and strength.  During these months the bucks need more mineral.  It is very important to keep your mineral lick replenished with RAKS™ Mineral at all times.

1 lick per 20 acres is recommended for heavily deer populated areas.  The area should be easily accessible to the deer near deer trails, water and food plots.  Bucks crave mineral in the summer months as their antlers grow and does crave mineral during gestation not to mention when they are producing milk for their fawns.  For rapid antler growth be sure the deer have all the mineral they need!