Hunting Women

Hunting Women

Hunting Women - Doe

When I was growing up, the only hunting women I knew were my mom, aunts and grandmothers.  Most of my friends thought that only the men should hunt.  It was their job to bring home the meat for all of the family to eat.  However, my family was quite the opposite.  As a matter of we did what was necessary to feed our family of nine.

On an average day, chores were done and we got ready for school.  But in the gun rack in the back of the truck was our rifle or shotgun.  After school, I would hit my favorite hunting spot.  Of course I thought I was the luckiest girl around.  Not only did I get to harvest two deer a year but a lot of small game and upland birds as well.  So meat on the table was a given and I was a part of that.

With all that said, in today’s times women have started hunting for many reasons.  Between 2006 and 2011, women hunters increased by 25%.  These women make up 11% of the 13.7 million hunters in the United States (Information obtained from Fox News).  We have come along way in the hunting industry.

Hunting Women Provide Meat for the Family

Moms and Dads work hard to provide for their families and find that working many hours still is not enough.  Therefore, they hunt to put food on the table for their children.  By hunting or even fishing, they are able to provide much needed protein for their family.  In addition, most store bought meats have antibiotics and other chemicals.  With wild game meat, you are getting the original organic food.  These families teach their children how to hunt and provide.  As a result, the next generation of hunters is born.

As an archery instructor, I have more woman asking me to teach them how to shoot.  In my years of hunting and instructing, I have found that woman are equally capably at shooting.  Some even tend to be a more consistent and patient shot after being trained.   Teach others the how to hunt and shoot so our tradition carries on.

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  1. My wife has loved hunting since we met. Having young kids has taken her out of the hunting world for a few years but now that the little one is older she is getting out more along with the little one. Excited to share these passions and traditions with her and Cody!