Youth – You Are Doing It Right

Youth – You Are Doing It Right

Have you ever seen pure happiness from your children or other youth?  I’m talking the kind of happiness where tears are shed.  The kind of excitement that exonerates an adrenaline rush that causes their little bodies to shake uncontrollably.  Where a moment in time has their little hearts beating. Beating so fast that it is completely impossible for them to ever forget that moment as long as they live.  The smiles and tears that tell you, as a parent or mentor, that you’re doing good by them.  You haven’t?  I have some advice for you.  Take them hunting.

What An Impact You Will Have

You will be amazed at how great of an impact you will have on a child by letting them tag along on your adventures.  They want to help and learn from you.  In fact, all they really want from you is your time and to learn.  I can’t imagine having social media outlets when I was young.  That’s an entire other topic.  But just getting them away from all of that and unplugged is a huge start. youth

Obviously their age will dictate how much you do and share with them.  By getting them involved with the hanging of treestands, building blinds, planting food plots or scouting, you are supplying them with a world otherwise unknown to them.  They will take all of this in like a sponge and remember time well spent with you.  Teaching them about the outdoors and eventually reaching the point that they themselves are now the hunter, is a trail of knowledge that will do well by them in life.

A Chance to Relive Your First Encounters

As I get older and have taken on more of the role of being the mentor, I have reached a point where it gives me much pleasure watching them being the hunters.   Feeling them shake with excitement and almost hearing their heartbeat out loud, has allowed me to relive my own first encounters.  When I think about it, these adventures do as much good for me as it does them.  Have you taken a kid hunting yet?

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