About RAKS

 Herd Health Basics

RAKS™ Big Game Supplements, with their painstakingly formulated nutrients and minerals, gives landowners and hunters the best opportunity to bag that big game trophy. Grow huge racks all while making the entire herd healthier. With RAKS™ Big Game Supplements you can maintain herd health while supporting your trophy hunting dreams. And you’re able to fill your freezer with high quality organic meat right from your own backyard!

herd healthWhile many companies claim to have strong nutrient value in their attractants, RAKS™ Big Game Supplements truly delivers. Rarely does a product come along that not only holds a high attractant value but also has the optimal ratio of key nutrients to help develop deer to their fullest potential. This unique blend of characteristics allows users to pull deer from nearby properties all while producing world-class results. RAKS™ Big Game Supplements is the only choice that offers a true combination of an effective attractant and highly nutritional supplements for your deer herd.

Smart sportsmen and women know that whole herd health should be your primary goal. This is different than simply pumping animals full of protein or salt. Like humans, if a deer’s diet is not properly balanced it will produce long-term negative effects. Healthy deer herds start with healthy does that give birth to healthy fawns. These healthy fawns continue the cycle of proper nutrition delivering strong producing genetics and world class bucks.

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