Introduce Someone to the Outdoors

Introduce Someone to the Outdoors

Introduce Someone to the Outdoors and Preserve Our Passion

As I write this blog, I must wonder how we have gone so far to the right or so far to the left. There doesn’t seem to be middle ground on any issue.  Then you have the media who only report partial facts. Of course, those partial facts are to persuade people to form an opinion based upon the producer’s agenda.  This is true for gun control, hunting, fishing and trapping. But what if we were introduce someone to the outdoors?

introduce someone to the outdoors
Big Game Conservation Association volunteers introducing kids to archery.

I wonder what today’s world would be like if we got more people involved in the outdoors. Get our kids out of the basement or their rooms. Take them away from the video games or staring into an iPad for hours on end.  Just think about it…today people are deciding based upon the news. This is because most kids have never been outside to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.  If we get these kids outdoors and let them feel the excitement it has to offer. Whether it’s seeing a bobber go down as a sunfish nibbles on the worm or seeing their first turkey coming into your set. Not to mention the camaraderie that is built over a campfire. Don’t you think they’d want to form their own opinion?

Percentage of Americans Age 16 and Older That Hunt Half What It Was 50 Years Ago

A new survey by the US Fish and Wildlife Service indicates that only 5% of Americans 16 years and older hunt today… half of what it was 50 years ago.  The problem is it’s declining faster now than in previous years.  Guess what else comes with this decline, fewer dollars to help fund state wildlife agencies, which are the agencies that manage most of the wildlife in the US.

So why am I writing this – TO ASK EVERYONE OF US TO TAKE SOMEONE HUNTING, FISHING, TRAPPING OR CAMPING.  Introduce someone to the outdoors.  I hear all the time people saying they want to hand the tradition down, but when you ask them, they have not taken anyone outside their family on an outdoor activity.  I am glad they’re taking family members because that’s where it starts.  To spread that further take your son or daughter’s best friend with you, I guarantee you will create the desire for that person to continue the activity.  At the very least, you will allow them to be able to form their own opinion about the outdoors we love without being persuaded by someone else.

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