Stand Behind Hunters

Stand Behind Hunters

Stand Behind Hunters – Which Side Are You Really On?

With the ever growing number of anti hunters and their seemingly endless reach, it is now more than any time before imperative we stand behind each other as hunters.  Now I know what you’re probably thinking, well that’s a silly thing to say, of course I stand behind hunters.  But do you really?

I ask this question because in the past few months I have seen more and more evidence of hunters throwing each other under the bus.  And it typically has to do with the hunter’s weapon of choice.  Case in point: I have been trying for 2 years to harvest a bear with a spear.  I was booked in Ontario last spring and a few weeks prior to the hunt, the providence banned spear hunting.  This spring I was booked to again attempt this feat in Alberta. Two week ago Alberta too banned spear hunting.  Now it goes without saying that there probably aren’t a lot of hunters too shook up about this news. Not to mention some even supported it.  And that’s where you just fell off the pro-hunter band wagon and joined the antis.

A Weapon is A Weapon

stand behind hunters
Nebraska whitetail doe taken in the fall of 2016 with a spear.

Now before you go and get your butt in a pucker and start bashing me all over social media, let me explain.  A weapon is a weapon, period!  You can argue all day long about the accuracy of one weapon versus another weapon, but the fact will never change that the weapon, any weapon is the hands of a human and if the spear, arrow or bullet misses the animal or heaven forbid wounds it, it was in fact human error and NOT the weapons fault.

For years I have heard rifle hunters bash bow hunters as “wounders” of animals and bow hunters bash rifle hunters as to who is the better, more apex hunter of the two.  And that has only grown in intensity since spear hunting has made a comeback.  I say comeback because it is likely the oldest known weapon to mankind.  And yes I said mankind, not humankind, so if that offends you and you need a safe space, this article isn’t that space…move on.

Think Twice About Who And What You Are Supporting

Sliding in for an explosive grand slam on my point here is the fact that EVERY tiny little inch you give the antis by complaining about anything another hunter is doing is one step closer to them taking control of the whole ball of wax, not just primitive weapons. You really think they’ll stop once they get all those banned?  Here’s a clue, that Kool-Aid is poison!  They won’t stop until every weapon and every form of hunting is banned.

So the next time you agree that a certain weapon or form of hunting should be banned, or simply don’t stand up and support that way of hunting, or you jump on the bashing band wagon of how someone acted during the video of a harvest, you should really think twice about who and what you are supporting, because you just joined the other team in cheering for the wrong side.

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3 Comments on “Stand Behind Hunters

  1. Lots of trash talking between bow hunters and rifle hunters. They need to read this.